About Big Goose Egg Mobile GamesBig Goose Egg games are free (almost always), ultra-fun mobile games for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android devices. They are free because, well, who wants to pay to try a game? Not us… And not you, either.

So, how does Big Goose Egg make money then? Is it through ads? Nope. Ads are annoying. Don’tcha think? On our welcome screens you will notice some suggested games from other developers, but those are just games we think are cool. Those spots can’t be bought.

Big Goose Egg games have some in-app purchases that can enhance gameplay if you use them, but won’t detract from it if you don’t use them. That’s how we make the money necessary to keep churning out awesome games.

Big Goose Egg Games was founded in 2011 by indie developer Dr. Ed Tori, a Baltimore-area physician, as a lesson in entrepreneurship for his 6 children and as a way of gamifying health, wellness, and education. The name “Big Goose Egg” combines the concept of zero, computers, fairy tales, and growth. Zero is for “nothin’, nada, zip, zero, the big goose egg”, since nearly all Big Goose Egg games are free. Egg is not only for birth and growth, but also for “egghead” as a symbol for geeks (like me), computers, and intelligence. And goose as a reminder of stories and fairy tales and their role in making learning fun.