Platinum Egg Award Winner - Best iPad Games and iPhone GamesBig Goose Egg Games is all about bringing you the best free mobile games, whether they are ours or not. Every month, we issue a Platinum Egg Award that goes to the best up-and-coming iPhone or Android games. Most often, they are free. And for sure, my kids have to enjoy them. The winner for the month of April is Derby Quest Horse Racing by Tapsy.

Derby Quest Horse Racing lets you raise horses from babies up to derby champions. Raise them, feed them, breed them and race them. You can build a stable of several horses… even tens… I guess even hundreds (I’m not sure of the upper limit if there is one). But either way, it’s fun for everyone.

Derby Quest Horse Racing Wins April 2012 Platinum Egg Award - Best iPhone gameDerby Quest lets you control your horse during the races too. There’s the slower pace of feeding and maintaining your horses, making sure you’re keeping them in tip-top shape for the races. But then, you get the faster pace of an actual race or qualifying laps. Derby Quest Horse Racing has awesome graphics & because of that, is not formatted for older devices. So, double-check their description for whether or not your device is supported.

If so, get Derby Quest – it’s fun and it’s FREE.

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