Best iPad Games and iPhone Games - Platinum Egg Award WinnerThe Platinum Egg Award goes to the best up-and-coming iPhone or Android games as determined by nothing other than me and my kids. The game has to be fun to play, easy to start playing, fun, and visually appealing. And all of my kids must love it. And preferably, it is a game that not a lot of people heard of yet. This month’s winner is Doodle Fire by JUUQ Mobile.

Doodle Fire has awesome doodle graphics, hilarious sound effects, and surprisingly good game physics. I have mentioned before that having six children like I do, often means that it is difficult to find something they all like. Not so with Doodle Fire… My younger ones love the fire trucks & fire fighters (especially my son). My oldest loves the fact that she’s saving people from a burning building. And the ones in between can barely get past the second or third levels because they’re giggling so much – mostly because of the things the people say when you save them.

Doodle Fire Wins February 2012 Platinum Egg Award - Best iPhone gameYou know how sometimes you play a game with the sound effects off? Maybe because you’re in public? Or maybe your spouse won’t look too favorably upon you playing yet another game? Or maybe the kids need to do their homework and hearing you playing on your iPhone or iPad is the last distraction they need, right? Well, Doodle Fire is one of those games you find yourself saying, “Who cares? I’m turning this up.” The sound effects are superb.

The only frustrating part about Doodle Fire, at least in it’s early versions, is that the levels do not seem to stay unlocked if you leave the game & come back to them. So far, though, neither I nor my kids seem to care. Doodle Fire is fun.

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