Best Free iPad Games and iPhone Games - Platinum Egg Award WinnerWhen trying to find the best up-and-coming iPhone or Android games for the Platinum Egg Award, one of the first signs of a potential winner is if my youngest children (I have 6) can pick up the game and start playing immediately… without instruction. That’s exactly what happened when they tried Monster Magic by Secret Headquarters, Inc.

Awesome cartoon-type graphics with spiffy animations add to the attractiveness of the game. But with six kids of varying ages, it is usually hard to find something that appeal to all of them. Not so with Monster Magic… There are 12 different characters to choose from. Most of my daughters love the unicorn. My son loves the wooly mammoth-looking thing. And me? I like the Jawa Dude… (I’m a Star Wars geek)

Monster Magic Wins January 2012 Platinum Egg Award - Best iPhone gameSome might argue that Monster Magic is similar to many in the jumping game genre, but I have them. Both me and my kids find ourselves playing Monster Magic more than the others.

Part of that might also be the music. In addition to the awesome graphics, balanced gameplay, and choices of characters, the music is actually kind of stressful and fun at the same time. And when we’re competing against each other, it’s even more stressful. The kids looking over your shoulder making comments, the music in the background…. man, it’s fun.

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