Platinum Egg Award Winner - Best iPad Games and iPhone GamesThe Platinum Egg Award goes to the best up-and-coming (and often free) iPhone or Android games that my kids enjoy. The winner for the month of March is Ninja Bugs Plus by One Haze.

Ninja Bugs Plus takes the best of Fruit Ninja and the best of Ant Smasher and combines them into something better. Practice your crazy ninja skills with your sword slicing and dicing gestures. And you don’t just slice bugs. You also slice the pieces left over from the previous swing of the sword.

Ninja Bugs Plus Wins March 2012 Platinum Egg Award - Best iPhone gameAlong the way you have to avoid the bug zappers… because they’re also sword zappers. The pace of the game separates it from the others by adding an element of (good) stress as you near your high score. Ninja Bugs Plus has 4 modes to choose from – No Zappers, Sting Mode, Bug Attack Arcade Mode, and Bug Blast Classic Mode.

Try Ninja Bugs Plus – it’s FREE.

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