H2Whoooa! - Fun, Free Water Maze Game for iPhone and iPadGet this FREE maze game and you’ll be like “Whoa!”.

H2Whoooa! – the water maze game is the latest, challenging and fun iPhone/iPad game from Big Goose Egg.

H2Whoooa! you have to avoid enemies made of fire and chilling foes of ice. You roll past open drains and thirsty sponges. And you only have a little bit of time to gather as many gold coins as you can before you drop through to the next level… or you’ll be like, “Whoa!”

Move your water droplet character by tilting the device. Earn Big Goose Egg coins to unlock advanced game features such as new levelsand clever defenses. Share your scores through GameCenter, Twitter, Facebook and email.

H2Whoooa! - Water Maze Puzzle GameH2Whoooa! Water Maze Game 1.0 has the following features:

  • Randomized gameplay. You will never play the same H2Whoooa! game twice.
  • Tilt your device to steer your water droplet through 4 mazes
  • Graphics so beautiful, you’ll be like “Whoa!”
  • Avoid enemies like fire, ice, drains, and more! (or you’ll be like “Whoa!”)
  • Unlock slick defenses – saltee, coffee, and others
  • Multiplayer through Game Center, so you can be like “Whoa!”
  • Universal game works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • Install H2Whoooa! now

If you have discovered a bug or simply a part of the game that could be better, tell us about it here: H2Whoooa! Game Feedback

Free iOS Maze Game - H2Whoooa! Water Maze iPhone Game and iPad Game

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