Guano Birds Targeting Game for iPhone and iPadIt’s not the birds who are angry… it’s the people.

Guano! – The bird pooping game is the latest, hilarious and fun iPhone/iPad game from Big Goose Egg.

With a birds-eye view of parks, cities and campgrounds, Guano! users steer their bird characters overhead in search of targets.

The unsuspecting people below quickly catch on and begin to fight back. The better you get at hitting your targets, the more they throw things at you.

Steer by tilting the device to fly over never-ending maps. Earn Big Goose Egg coins to unlock advanced game features such as new characters, defense equipment and new maps. Share your scores through GameCenter, Twitter, Facebook and email.

Guano! – The Bird Pooping Game has the following features:

Guano Birds Poop Game - Best Free Game for iPhone and iPad

  • Randomized maps
  • Unlock new bird characters – pigeons, owls, and eagles
  • Simple to play. Tilt to steer. Tap to crap.
  • 6 special defenses. Unlock helmets, battle gear, leather jackets and others.
  • Hidden point accelerators (For example, one is to hit people or dogs when they are looking up.)
  • Multiplayer through Game Center.
  • Universal game works on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3.
  • Never-ending maps. The game lasts as long as the bird survives.

If you have discovered a bug or simply a part of the game that could be better, tell us about it here: Guano Game Feedback

People Angry At Birds - Guano! Target Practice iPhone Game

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