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Guano! - Bird Poop Game
3 Never-ending Maps
Unlock 7 Characters
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Water Maze H2Whoooa!
Unlimited Levels
8 Worlds
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Newtons Nightmare
Fun & Frustrating
Keep Newton Alive
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Vision Impossible Slider
Ultra-Difficult Puzzle
Choose Your Own Photos
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Plus Version!
Upgrade Newton Now
Both Versions Included
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Guano! Birds Target Game

Imagine this… You are a bird, flying over a park. There’s some guy sitting on a park bench with the sun glistening off of his bald head. You just finished some high-fiber bird seed. And quite frankly, you can’t resist. (Who could?)

When you have a bird’s eye view, everything looks like a target. Because that’s exactly what they are… targets.

Guano! - The Bird Pooping Game from Big Goose EggGuano, once prized for its fertilizing powers and its nitrates used to make gunpowder (see Guano on Wiki), is now a hilarious bird pooping game.

Tilt your device to move through huge, never-ending maps. Tap the screen to poop on your targets – people, pets, cars, laptops, hot dog stands, and more.

Score golden egg coins as you go. Use them to unlock awesome characters, new maps, and special defenses.

Guano Game - Best Bird Pooping Game on the iPhone and iPadBut watch out! Those people can get pretty ticked off! In Guano!, it’s not the birds who are angry… it’s the people. The more you fly overhead, they begin to catch on and start fighting back.

Here are just some of the features in Guano!:

  • Randomized gameplay. You will never play the same Guano! game twice.
  • Unlock cool characters – pigeons, owls, and eagles
  • Tilt your device to steer yourself overhead and let loose
  • Build up your defenses for when those people start throwing things at you. Unlock helmets, battle gear, leather jackets, and more!
  • Discover new ways of getting points faster. (Psst… here’s one – get more points if people or pets are looking up when you hit them.)
  • Multiplayer through Game Center.
  • Universal game works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • 6 special defenses
  • All on 3 never-ending maps

People Angry At Birds - Guano! Target Practice iPhone Game

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