H2Whoooa! Water Maze Game

H2Whoooa! Water Maze Game - Pac Man Meets LabyrinthOK… you’re a water droplet and you have to navigate a maze… Boooorrrringgg!

Well, not quite. This game is called H2-Whoooa! for a reason.

You are a water droplet and you do have to navigate a maze. But with H2Whoooa! you have to avoid enemies made of fire and chilling foes of ice. You have to roll past open drains and thirsty sponges. And you only have a little bit of time to gather as many gold coins as you can before you drop through to the next level… or you’ll be like, “Whoa!”

Here are just some of the features in H2Whoooa!:

  • Randomized gameplay. You will never play the same H2Whoooa! game twice.
  • Tilt your device to steer your water droplet through 4 mazes
  • Graphics so beautiful, you’ll be like “Whoa!”
  • Avoid enemies like fire, ice, drains, and more! (or you’ll be like “Whoa!”)
  • Unlock slick defenses – saltee, coffee, and more
  • Multiplayer through Game Center, so you can be like “Whoa!”
  • Universal game works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • Oh… and it’s free. Yeah, go ahead and say it… “Whoa!”