Vision Impossible Slider Puzzle is FREE! The best slider puzzle on the app store is also the most difficult slider puzzle. Add your own photos and turn your pictures into slider puzzles, too! Vision Impossible Slider Puzzle from Big Goose Egg Games. Read More
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Guano! - Bird Poop Game
3 Never-ending Maps
Unlock 7 Characters
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Water Maze H2Whoooa!
Unlimited Levels
8 Worlds
Right Now on the App Store
Newtons Nightmare
Fun & Frustrating
Keep Newton Alive
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Vision Impossible Slider
Ultra-Difficult Puzzle
Choose Your Own Photos
Right Now on the App Store
Plus Version!
Upgrade Newton Now
Both Versions Included
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Vision Impossible Slider Puzzle

Vision Impossible Slider Puzzles for the iPhone and iPadYou’re not ready for this… You probably can’t handle it. Vision Impossible is the most challenging slider puzzle game you will find.

Choose 9, 16, or 25 tiles. But it’s not just the number of tiles that makes these puzzle games tough…

They’re timed. (unless you Wuss Out and turn that feature off)

And it is not the time that makes these puzzle games insane…

It’s the actual images themselves. It is called “Vision Impossible” for a reason. The puzzle pulls from optical illusions, symmetric art, and line art.

Best Photo Slider Puzzle - Vision ImpossibleBut for the weak of heart, feel free to unlock the photo puzzle option. Yes, once you realize you can’t handle Vision Impossible, you can TURN YOUR OWN PHOTOS INTO SLIDER PUZZLES.

And if you really can’t take it, you can add numbers to the tiles in the puzzles.

Here are just some of the features in Vision Impossible Slider Puzzle:

  • Turn your own photos into slider puzzles!
  • Over 15 nearly impossible slider puzzle graphics to choose from
  • Choose 9, 16, or 25 tiles for each puzzle
  • Universal game works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • Share your results with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and GameCenter
  • Add numbers to the tiles for easier gameplay – if you’re a wuss or under age 6

Best Slider Puzzle and Photo Puzzle - Vision Impossible

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