Candy MagicPlay marbles with hard candy!

Candy Magic Quick Flick is a new, exciting puzzle board game from Big Goose Egg. Aim, flick and hit candies to knock your colors out of the box.

It’s like pool or shuffle board with hard candy. See how many candy pieces you can remove from the box while avoiding the other set of colors.

Each level is more challenging than the one before it – will you become a Candy Magic Quick Flick master? The more candies you remove from the box – the more coins you will earn! Use the Candy Magic coins to unlock cool backdrops like an ice rink, air hockey table and others.

Unlock awesome candies to add some new strategy to your game, too. Some can crush the opposing candies, some move faster, and some hit harder.

Candy Magic has easy controls: simply, move your chip to a suitable position on the line and flick with your finger to shoot!

– Aim and flick your candy to remove a set of colored candies from the box!
– Beautiful graphics with unlockable surfaces and backdrops!
– Unlock specialty candies!
Candy Magic is FREE!