Chips Flick Poker Puzzle iOS Game This is no chick flick… This is Chips Flick.

Chips Flick Poker Puzzle Bits is a new, exciting game from Big Goose Egg. Aim, flick and hit chips – it’s a simple premise with a challenging twist. This gripping game requires a combination of skill, good aim and a trained-eye to remove either a red or blue set of counters from the box on screen.

Choose your chip and flick at the other chips! It’s like pool or billiards with poker chips. See how many chips you can remove from the box while avoiding the other set of colors – Chips Flick is mind-bending game in-which you must choose each move wisely to ensure that your chip leaves the box and you score as many points as possible!


Each level is more challenging than the last – will you become a Chips Flick master? The more counters you remove from the box – the more coins you will earn! Play tactically to remove each counter one by one whilst avoiding counters of the other color – but beware: Chips Flick is much harder than you would expect!

Win coins along the way and use them to unlock cool backdrops like an ice rink, air hockey table and others. Unlock all-new, awesome chips and then use them in-play.

Chips Flick has easy controls: simply, move your chip to a suitable position on the line and flick with your finger to shoot!

Master the flick today – welcome to the Chips Flick Poker Puzzle!

– Aim and flick your chip to remove a set of colored chips from the box!
– Beautifully minimalistic graphics with unlockable backdrops!
– Unlock specialty chips like Flower Power and The Blade!
– Train your eye and master the flick!


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