doodle-war-davinci-05★★★★★ “DaVinci Rocks! – I love Leonardo and this game is very cool! Love his drawings featured in it and the music too….very different and fun!” – AppHottie

★★★★★ “Fantastic – What a great mix of game and DaVinci drawings. I love it!” – AV8torsRule

Da Vinci Doodle Wars brings Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks and drawings to life.

Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist, a scientist, an inventor, a writer, a mathematician, and an engineer among other things.

Aside from his famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci is also known for many of his unfinished works… like the ones in his notes…


He had numerous drawings of flying machines which are the inspiration for this game, DaVinci Doodle War. Sure there’s the whole “doodle” game craze, but why not play fun games with some of the most important doodles in history.

Download DaVinci Doodle War now and unlock his flying machines as you wage a not-so modern war against his other doodles.

(Pssst… also there’s a super secret hidden character in the game… see if you can crack the code and find it)

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