★★★★★ “Tilt to steer… And tap to crap. HaHa. Fun:)” – Mo Apps

Guano Birds Poop - Angry PeopleIMAGINE THIS…

You are a bird, flying over a park. There’s some guy sitting on a park bench with the sun glistening off of his bald head. You just finished some high-fiber bird seed. And quite frankly, you can’t resist. (Who could?)
You become the ultimate head hunter!


Guano! is the best never-ending bird poop game in the App Store! Maps go on forever… that is, as long as you can keep your mischievous bird alive. You see, it’s not the birds that are angry… it’s the people. The more targets you hit, the angrier they get.


Unlock defenses as the game goes on – helmets, leather jackets, armor and more!

★★★★★ “Love the sound effects! Had my kids laughing their heads off” – cwade_design

★★★★★ “HaHa. Fun game! Get it!” – skp714

Here are just some of the awesome features of Guano!:

+ Unlock 6 customizable bird characters

+ A TOP SECRET 7th character is hidden within the game

+ Worlds that go on forever!

+ Universal game that works on iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad & iPod Touch

+ Angry people enemies. Watch out! These dudes get pretty angry and pretty creative.

+ Randomized gameplay. Never play the same game twice.

+ Endless game that dumps loads of fun!


It’s FREE :)

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