512x512_HTF_adFantasy football might be fun and addictive, but Big Goose Egg brings you another kind of fantasy…

You are a bird (maybe even your favorite team’s bird), flying around the outside of the stadium. People are tailgating and pumping themselves up for the game. Others are buying stuff from vendors or filing into the stadium. And some are getting a little rowdy.

Well, when you have a bird’s eye view, people become targets. And let’s face it… those other fans get pretty annoying, don’t they?

So, go ahead. Live out that football fantasy of yours. Hit The Fan.

Steer yourself overhead and unload.

Aw Yeah Baby! Game On!

Are you a Philly fan? Dump on Dallas.

Baltimore fan? Poop on Pittsburgh.

Then brag to your friends on GameCenter, Twitter, or Facebook… or shoot them an email… all from right there in the game. Rub it in… literally :)

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