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Thank you for your interest in Big Goose Egg games. Please see below for resources related to Big Goose Egg, LLC, its games and its founder.

About Big Goose Egg, LLC
Big Goose Egg Games was founded in 2011 by a Baltimore-area physician as a lesson in entrepreneurship for his 6 children and as a way of gamifying health, wellness, and education. The name “Big Goose Egg” combines the concept of zero, computers, fairy tales, and growth. Zero is for “nothin’, nada, zip, zero, the big goose egg”, since nearly all Big Goose Egg games are free. Egg is not only for birth and growth, but also for “egghead” as a symbol for geeks, computers, and intelligence. Finally, “goose” as a reminder of stories and fairytales and their role in making learning fun.

Contact information

Big Goose Egg, LLC
6727 Johnnycake Road
Baltimore, MD 21244

Press Kits (Coming Soon):

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  • Dr. Edmund Tori – Big Goose Egg’s founder
  • The Platinum Egg Award
  • Guano! – The Bird Targeting Game