Vision Impossible Slider Puzzle is FREE! The best slider puzzle on the app store is also the most difficult slider puzzle. Add your own photos and turn your pictures into slider puzzles, too! Vision Impossible Slider Puzzle from Big Goose Egg Games. Read More
Funny Newton’s Nightmare Trailer Trapped! And surrounded by killer, projectile apples. Fortunately for you, you're Sir Isaac Newton, so you should be able to steer your way out of this physics nightmare. Read More
H2Whoooa! Water Maze Is FREE Get this FREE maze game and you’ll be like “Whoa!”. H2Whoooa! – the water maze game is the latest, challenging and fun iPhone/iPad game from Big Goose Egg. Read More
New Birds Poop Game “Guano!” Available It's not the birds who are angry... it's the people. Guano! - The bird targeting game is the latest, hilarious and fun iPhone/iPad game from Big Goose Egg. It's simple... you're a bird. And when you're a bird, everything is a target. Tilt to steer, tap to crap. Read More
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Guano! - Bird Poop Game
3 Never-ending Maps
Unlock 7 Characters
Right Here on the App Store
Water Maze H2Whoooa!
Unlimited Levels
8 Worlds
Right Now on the App Store
Newtons Nightmare
Fun & Frustrating
Keep Newton Alive
Right Here on the App Store
Vision Impossible Slider
Ultra-Difficult Puzzle
Choose Your Own Photos
Right Now on the App Store
Plus Version!
Upgrade Newton Now
Both Versions Included
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Platinum Egg Award

Big Goose Egg’s “Platinum Egg Award” highlights a game that (is not ours, but) we think is awesome. Typically, these are games that have yet to become popular, are (usually) free to play, (definitely) kid-friendly, and (certainly) not overbearing with ads.

Best Free iPad Games and iPhone Games - Platinum Egg Award WinnerThe Platinum Egg Award is not a contest. And it cannot be bought. It is a gift from Big Goose Egg Games to other game developers for their good work.

How does someone win a Platinum Egg Award?

  • First, we (Big Goose Egg founders, staff, and friends) have to know the game exists. We find games by checking out new games as they’re released or through word of mouth.
  • Second, we have to play the game and like it.
  • Third, our kids have to love it.

What do Platinum Egg Award winners receive?

  • A letter and artwork from kids who love the game.
  • A Platinum Egg Award certificate.
  • Recognition on Big Goose Egg sites and videos.
  • A Platinum Egg Award iPhone case, laptop sleeve, shirt, mug, or other gift from the Big Goose Egg store (of our choosing).
  • Official Platinum Egg Award badges for use in ads, on the game’s website, or even in the game.
  • Your game will be featured in the “More” pages of some Big Goose Egg games.

Which games have received the Platinum Egg Award so far?

Important Note: Links provided from to other sites, games, and services may or may not be affiliate links. This means that Big Goose Egg Games could earn a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking through those links. We will never recommend something so that we can earn commission. We find something we would recommend first. Then, if we can earn a commission by recommending it, we will set it up that way. If you do not wish for Big Goose Egg Games to earn money, no problem… just search for the games or services we recommend in the iTunes Store or in a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Platinum Egg Award

This month's winner is...

Hospital Invaders
Big Goose Egg's "Platinum Egg Award" highlights a game that (is not ours, but) we think is awesome.


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