Plumber Puzzle – Can You Crack the Code?

Plumber Puzzle - Can You Crack The Code?Can you crack the code?

Help the plumber connect the pipes in the right order. But don’t cross the streams.

The puzzle gets more and more challenging the more you solve.

Fun pipe puzzle for all ages from Big Goose Egg.


FREE from @BigGooseEgg

Clash of Clowns

Clash of Clowns★★★★★ “Cool clowns!! – Fantastic game!! Love it!” – latme

★★★★★ “Great game! – Highly recommend it!” – Awu9326

★★★★★ “Soooo coool – Clowns looks so evil … Reminds me of Krusty! Hahaha. Love it!” – Michael K

Clash of Clowns is a fun run racing game where clowns battle with pie guns.

+ Choose from awesome clown characters! – scary clown dudes, ogres, ninjas, and more.
+ Cool cartoon graphics
+ Eerie psycho clown circus music
+ FREE game! You don’t have to buy a stinking thing to unlock members of your clown clan.
INSTALL NOW on iOS and Android
(unless you’re afraid of clowns ッ … Wuss)

Clash of Clowns on Google PlayFREE from @BigGooseEgg

Shadow Dragons War Defense

Shadow Dragon ClanYou are a part of the Shadow Dragon Clan. Fly your dragon clan members through awesome shadow landscapes, avoiding castles, trees, and cliffs. War with angry soldier mobs.

As time goes on, you must train your dragon to anticipate what the angry soldiers will do. They begin shooting and throwing things as the game speeds up. Shoot them with fireballs to earn bonus coins.

Game features:

✅ Choose your own Shadow Dragon Clan character
✅ Clash with enemy soldiers

Shadow Dragon Clan on Google Play

✅ Epic background music
✅ Awesome shadow graphics
✅ Collect coins to unlock fun game features and hot new characters

Da Vinci Flappy Machines Take Flight

Clash of Clowns on Google Play★★★★★ “Nice! Awesome app!! Keep up the great work.” – nadroj3
★★★★★ “Addicting!! A very good, enjoyable, addicting game. I definitely recommend downloading this.” – Moron Champ

More addicting than Flappy Bird and more hypnotic than Bejeweled.Da Vinci Sketch Battle on iOS

It is the age of Leonardo Da Vinci and an epic battle is raging… in his notebook. Your task is to steer Da Vinci’s flying machine through amazing animated sketches.

– Awesome musicda-vinci-age-doodle-crash-android-feature-1024x500
– Great graphics
– Simple to play
– Extremely difficult to master
– Super addicting

FREE from @BigGooseEgg

Guano! Birds Poop Head Hunter

★★★★★ “Tilt to steer… And tap to crap. HaHa. Fun:)” – Mo Apps

Guano Birds Poop - Angry PeopleIMAGINE THIS…

You are a bird, flying over a park. There’s some guy sitting on a park bench with the sun glistening off of his bald head. You just finished some high-fiber bird seed. And quite frankly, you can’t resist. (Who could?)
You become the ultimate head hunter!


Guano! is the best never-ending bird poop game in the App Store! Maps go on forever… that is, as long as you can keep your mischievous bird alive. You see, it’s not the birds that are angry… it’s the people. The more targets you hit, the angrier they get.

Alien Space Clash 360

★★★★★ “Great graphics! – Love the game background. Awesome!” – Monkey Jumbo

★★★★★ “Great Graphics & Fast Moving! – Excellent game. Lot’s of action!” – Sostroff

Alien clans and tribes clash with asteroids and space debris. Collect galactic space credits to unlock awesome new ships.

alien-space-clash-360-screen-01+ Great graphics

+ 360 game play

+ Gets pretty tough pretty quickly

+ Completely addicting

+ Unlock sweet new rides – Stiletto & Sting Ray!

+ Can you find & unlock the hidden space ship?


Candy Magic Quick Flick

Candy MagicPlay marbles with hard candy!

Candy Magic Quick Flick is a new, exciting puzzle board game from Big Goose Egg. Aim, flick and hit candies to knock your colors out of the box.

It’s like pool or shuffle board with hard candy. See how many candy pieces you can remove from the box while avoiding the other set of colors.

Each level is more challenging than the one before it – will you become a Candy Magic Quick Flick master? The more candies you remove from the box – the more coins you will earn! Use the Candy Magic coins to unlock cool backdrops like an ice rink, air hockey table and others.

Pompeii Run 2 Fire Apocalypse

Pompeii Run 2 Fire ApocalypseSo, you think you can outrun the apocalypse?

The year is 79 AD and the place is the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Most of the people in your city are going about business as usual… distracted with their daily routines.

But not you… you notice that the small rise in temperature this late in the day is a bit unusual. Add to that, your general feeling of unease. You notice that the birds and squirrels are acting strange.

All of this can only mean one thing!… RUUUUUNNNN!

Pompeii Run 2 on Google PlayPompeii Run 2 on iOS More

Chips Flick Poker Puzzle

Chips Flick Poker Puzzle iOS Game This is no chick flick… This is Chips Flick.

Chips Flick Poker Puzzle Bits is a new, exciting game from Big Goose Egg. Aim, flick and hit chips – it’s a simple premise with a challenging twist. This gripping game requires a combination of skill, good aim and a trained-eye to remove either a red or blue set of counters from the box on screen.

Choose your chip and flick at the other chips! It’s like pool or billiards with poker chips. See how many chips you can remove from the box while avoiding the other set of colors – Chips Flick is mind-bending game in-which you must choose each move wisely to ensure that your chip leaves the box and you score as many points as possible!



Retro Pics Puzzle Game

retro-photo-puzzle-01★★★★★ “Great puzzle – My dad even played this with my kids! So fun!” – Spitfiregsd (5 stars)

★★★★★ “Nice one. – Nice style and cool that you can use your own photos.” – Wouldnowbeagoodtime (5 stars)

Retro puzzle with retro style!

The ultimate tile slider puzzle where you can use retro pics or your own photos!

Oooooorrrr… even better… make your own pics retro and then turn them into puzzles.

app-store-button-grayGreat fun from back in the diz-zay.

From @BigGooseEgg

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